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A Way Made

     A way out of no way, I tell thee. I bring up again this promise. I Am mighty and can do all things. I part the sea to bring those who have willing hearts to fulfill My purposes. I move on behalf of even one heart committed to Me, believing in Me.

     My beloved, you have labored on behalf of those I sent you to, and even in your dark hour continue to pour out and lift those up around you to even be successful. My love, you have faced rejection of every kind, before your face and behind your back. My love, I tell you it’s Me they reject in you.

     I’ve used you to bring light in a dark situation. You have stood and learned to stand even in unwarranted opposition. I am delighted in your willingness, though all you see is your failure. You had to get past your own strength and depend completely on Me. Be not alarmed at how I raise you up, for I will surely exalt you.

     Beloved, you I call to a higher place with Me. Be not uneasy, for you will flow with My spirit. Do not seek to see the downfall of others, only reveal My light. Your walk with Me will be more intimate, for I have need of you to hear from Me even on a deeper level than you do now.