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In Wealth or Poverty

     My love, you are tired and weary, you doubt that anything I can say to you will bring refreshment, you are weary from believing and not seeing. I tell you the truth, blessed are those who believe and have not seen. I have said I will show you great and mighty things. Be at ease, for I will show myself mighty on your behalf. Healings manifested, a way made where doors are shut and I desire to open them, beholding My beauty. I can make a mighty way. I need you to follow My path for you. To stand in the purpose that I’ve called you whether in wealth or in poverty.

     What if I were to give you wealth, would you still stand? Consider, there would be no pressure or fear of man, but standing in My calling for you only. Hemmed in and restricted only by My calling, released to do My will rather than spending your money on your own desires and to satisfy your lusts. Would you continue to follow Me or reason that because you have means you have no need to stand in My position that I’ve called you to, that I’ve prepared you for. Money tests the character of My servants more than poverty, for those who are rich have a  way to rely on themselves and go their own ways. What will you do, My love?

     Every time you come and sit in My presence and listen for My words, I will change you and refresh you. As you offer Me your heart, I even change that to desire My will, My way.