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Be at Ease

     Let your joy overflow and know that I Am God. I Am the healer, I Am your deliver, I Am your provider, I Am your supply of all that you need. There are things that concern you, My child. Be at ease with these, let Me lift these burdens from you and delight in what you are doing. Delight in all I bring your way.

     When I say My yoke is easy and My burden is light this means when you feel heavy and overwhelmed you are not carrying My yoke. I do not give My servants more than they can carry and I even help them carry the load. Be what I created you to be, not what you think man wants you to be. Discard the image in your mind of perfection, for what I make is perfect.

     Trust Me and do not condemn yourself, for I do not condemn you. Do not consider and plan if you will be good enough to accomplish My purposes for you or even fulfill a certain role. Be at ease. Take one step at a time with Me and I will make you great. I’ve given you all that you need to accomplish My tasks at hand.

     Do not feel ashamed, for I’ve created My beloveds to display My glorious splendor. Do not fear, do not consider age or effort or what is possible with man, watch what I will do. You will be a delight. I remove the cloak of shame from you, come out My beautiful one and be made whole.