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Into the Next Season

     My love, you have grown very comfortable with your tasks at hand. You find delight in your work. I tell you that I have made you for more than this. I need your judgment and listening heart to relay My words and heart to the people. This has been a season of coming away and learning to be at ease. You must take these lessons learned to what I lead you into.

     Do not fear letting your current responsibilities go, for I have more for you to do. I will clear the way for you to serve Me. My beloved, even as you delight to do your tasks at hand, so I will give you a peace to do My tasks for you. It will not be overwhelming, for you have learned to wait upon Me and depend on Me, and ask Me for direction and inspiration.

     My friend, I speak to you now of the many changes I will make to make a way for your position. I will clear the way.  This is a new way, so what appears now is not what will be. Very soon I will make this change. You have been willing to stand in your current role for an unspecified amount of time, but I tell you I have need of you.

     My move will raise the standard of your reality, your way of thinking, moving, how you spend your time, for you will see how great a thing I am willing to do. When I change your reality I change your location, for you are ready for higher things.  You will say to Me, “How good a thing Our God has done for us.”

     Your heart will melt at My blessings on you, at how I will lead you along. I have pleasant paths in store for you. I have removed the cloak of despair from you that you have worn during this season of preparation. Do you not perceive it, it springs up even now.