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My Blessing Upon You

     Do not fear, do not fear, lift your face unto Me. I Am your God and will bring victory. In all these matters that concern you, you have stood out there alone with Me. You have raised up your voice and proclaimed liberty.

     Freedom for the captives – for those who need to be set free – freedom to operate and work and be all they are called to be. Speaking life and liberty to all those who are cast down and without hope. Not taking advantage or suffering them to pay but giving freely what I gave when there was no hope.

     I have called you for My purposes and you have believed My word. I pour out upon you to refreshing, I make you to proclaim My word. For much you have believed Me, you have called out to Me in your pain. I have heard and listened and responded and I Am ready to make your way.

     I anoint you, I give you sweetness to drink from each day. No longer bound by the chains of old, but running on the heights in My ways. I promote you to My purposes, I lift you higher with Me. How good will your portion be to taste and share of this bounty all free.