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When All Seems Lost

When we find ourselves in seasons of loss, disappointment, and our dreams and visions (even those God has given us) seem lost and as though we’ve gone beyond time or hope for repair or restoration, it is here that we come face to face with our Redeemer. In the Book of Ruth, we read how Ruth found a redeemer in Boaz after she left her homeland, family, buried her husband, and clung to her mother-in-law who trusted in Jehovah in a foreign land. Her days were spent doing what the very poor and outcast of society did – glean the fields for any grain left over from the harvesters.

How easy it would have been for her to be discouraged looking from her past to her present and seeing a progressive downward turn of her happiness and dreams and hopes left dashed against a stone and unfulfilled. In times like these hearts can melt and standing and believing can seem a strength that is far off. It is here in these seasons of unfulfilled dreams and visions that we can be tempted to run to another land, position, or even return to our previous and more familiar ways. It is here that we can also be tempted to complain, run to fellow humans with our cares and concerns, and try to rationalize a way out of our own making. It is here we must go to God and cast our anxieties, fears, pride, and doubts that we have come to ruin and will remain there, for He is our only hope for real restoration that lasts and bears fruit in this life and into eternity. Ruth stood in her circumstance, listened to wise counsel, humbled herself, and submitted to a type of Jesus (Boaz as Redeemer).

Our strength lies in our Redeemer, not even in ourselves – our strength to believe, wait for God to restore and bring us into the purposes He has, and stand right where He has planted us. It is here that we can bloom as we were created. At just the right time, God orchestrated the circumstances, brought together all the details of permissions, laws, customs, and hearts, and brought forth a blessing that Ruth could not have imagined – she was married to Boaz, enjoyed financial blessing, and was blessed with a son from whom the lineage of King David and Jesus Christ would come forth.  Her obedience in waiting and depending on God to use her as He desired changed the world. When it seem as though all hope is gone, when we depend on God all things are possible.


     When all seems lost I restore. Would that My children depend upon Me to bring forth out of their lives what I desire. How fitting would the blessing be, even more meet and fit than what they struggle to create for themselves to bring relief. My blessings not only bring refreshment for the vessel, but give life to all the vessel touches. My blessings are detailed and expansive, the effects are multiplied.

     Trust Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Me and I will make your paths straight. Do not let your heart melt, but stand and offer every anxiety to Me, continue to stand in My joy and peace, and watch what I will bring forth from you and for you.

  • “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”  Isaiah 64:4