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My Time is My Own



     My time is My own, saith the Lord, I will raise one up and put one down in My own way and time. I give time for repentance, for learning/training, and I make whole. To the sick, I bid rise up. How long have I sustained you in this state of decrease – I now proclaim strength and wholeness over you. I bless you and restore even more than you had before. I speak increase over you in all ways. Go to those who doubted My power, and gently and rejoicfully show them what I Am able to do. I will do even greater things than these.

     To the proud, I say be cast down for I have set you over My beloveds and you have made them faint. I will humble you so that you can be raised up again, without fear of man or even bound up in your own pride, but you will be raised up in My love and in a spirit of humility. I will humble you, for I love you. I will not let you destroy yourself or My beloveds.

     I am raising up those seasoned in the fires of debasement, those who I have called to these positions of honor to lead My people to greater heights and larger levels of success than they have known or imagined. The strength of My beloveds rests in Me. The leaders who bow low before Me, I will raise up. I will make a spirit of respect and honor blossom where there was division and unrest. I even expand your mind to receive all these things from Me, to watch Me bring them forth and not faint.