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Reward in the Open

Prayer: You invite me to enter in. What can You do with my life? At times it feels futile to keep trying for it seems my efforts are not fruitful in certain areas of my life. Beloved, make plain Your path for me. Make my life useful to Thee.

     I have good things for you, am I not the Father of Heavenly lights, is not every good and perfect gift from above coming forth from My hand. I have come to give life and give it to the full. I fill you. I’ve had to get you in tune with Me. To speak My words, not your own opinions. To view from My vantage point, not your limited viewpoint. To love with My heart, not criticize and hate. Now My sound will come forth from your lips, My anointing will flow from the works of your hands.

     I will be your strength and inspire your creativity. I will impart unto you ideas in the night season and in your waking hours – a limitless supply. You’ve always known Me, but now you are reflecting My image. You are coming to know Me with a deeper understanding.

     I anoint your hands to work, yes as unto Me as always. I open the doors to you for you have offered and continued to offer your ideas and efforts unto Me in the secret place, I give you reward in the open. I give you divine understanding of the needs of all who approach you so you can deliver a word in season and an effectual process to solve their dilemma. How delighted they will be with the resolution and what you create from My throne, you will feel My delight and creativity in each step.

Worship Song

Spiritual Songs by Eric Gilmour