When the darkness seems to rush in like a flood or a tide that cannot be turned back, wait upon the Lord. Lift your eyes unto the hills, from comes your help? Your help comes from the Maker of heaven and earth. Wait  upon Him not in fear or dread, but in perfect, unmovable faith. Wait upon Him not with words of doubt or proclamations… Read MoreProclaim

Be Refreshed

Do not let your hearts be troubled, for Jesus has overcome the world (John Chapters 14-16). What if days of blessing were ahead for those who were called according to His purpose? What if Jesus’ Body/Church were to change the course of the current situations we hear about? What if we weren’t to fear? What if we weren’t to dread? What if we began to… Read MoreBe Refreshed

I Am Near You

Prayer: I feel so far from You, so disconnected from my purpose in life. That is not the truth, even though I feel it. Even though it seems real. Proclamation: The truth is, You – Oh God – are my life, my breath, my strength. Without You I can do nothing. Without You there is no good thing. You are my very great reward. The… Read MoreI Am Near You

I Call You Plentiful

The Holy Spirit prompted me to come away from the tasks of my day and take some time to focus upon His presence. I obeyed, worshiped Him, and prayed and after a time received the word below. The Lord always desires to pour out and impart, but I would have missed this had I chosen to stay busy. Five minutes before the Lord can change… Read MoreI Call You Plentiful

Live Without Noise

While waiting before the Lord, a strong desire surfaced from deep within to have no part of the noise of today, to work only in the niche that God has called me to and nothing else, to learn the technology He would have me use, to operate in the realm He has prepared for Me, with no additional angst. For such a time as this,… Read MoreLive Without Noise


Let us guard our hearts against offense. It is a flaming arrow of the enemy in this season. Our flesh can be offended by those around us even though their intentions are pure. The twisting of words can also cause offense. Stop it quickly and live at peace with all, walk in forgiveness, and build others up with words of encouragement. Love others deeply with… Read MoreUnoffended

I Am Your Certainty

While spending time with the Lord, He poured out the following Word. Thank you, Jesus, that You always desire to speak to us. You are our refreshment. Thank you for those rivers of living waters that pour forth freely in limitless supply. You’ve said in your heart, “The Lord feels far from me. I am alone and undone. All of my sins are ever before… Read MoreI Am Your Certainty

Lay it Aside

Get rid of the noise. Lay aside those things that so easily beset and live the life God created you to live. What are these distractions, hindrances, and strongholds? I name only a few, just let the Holy Spirit reveal to you those areas that you are to let go and go on with Him. Anything worldly ties or crutches that we depend on to… Read MoreLay it Aside

Fragrance of His Presence

Rich blessings overflow with every encounter with You, oh Lord. The rarest treasures of life are found in Your truth. Nothing brings the soul such sweetness as seeking Your living words. We do not fear the days ahead for You are with us. There is more You desire to pour out and show other Your might, goodness, and beauty. Be one with Me and I… Read MoreFragrance of His Presence

Live a Different Way

After a time of worship, prayer, and communing with the Lord received the word for the Body of Christ. Take heart, beloveds, Jesus loves us beyond our understanding! Joy, delight, unshakeable faith I speak over you. Do not  fear what they fear, do not dread what they dread. You are mine, you have a new and living way to follow. Put your thoughts on Me,… Read MoreLive a Different Way

Don’t Panic

When our world seems turned upside down, the Lord is still enthroned. Those who are called by His name are overcomers. Those who want to be called by His Name, just call on the Lord and you will be saved. Jesus is Lord, so don’t panic. Look to Him only, delight in Him, and be not swayed by what sways man, for Jesus said, “Let… Read MoreDon’t Panic

Suffocating Voices

Following is a video of Hosanna Wong entitled I have a New Name. For all those struggling with identity, rejection, purpose this is powerful and freeing. 

Move with Me

My love, how I delight to meet with you. I long for our time together when you will come to meet with Me, turn away from all that goes on in the world, and around you to focus your eyes focus squarely upon Me. I have so much to pour out, I have so much to impart to you beyond what you can imagine even… Read MoreMove with Me

Proclamation for Healing

We move from strength to strength and glory to glory in our walk with Jesus. Sometimes we are too caught up with the noise of our own lives to wait before Him and seek His face for wisdom, revelation, and His truth in a matter. Instead of walking in the Spirit, we operate in our own understanding and fight in the strength of our flesh,… Read MoreProclamation for Healing

The Letting Go’s

As you learn to follow my promptings and walk with Me, it is like a dance. When you first learn a new dance, the steps can feel awkward. When you first learn to lift your voice in authentic praise to Me, you may miss a few notes. When you move as I prompt you in your life  or deliver a word in season inspired by… Read MoreThe Letting Go’s

You Are Not a Failure

Do not give up, you are not a failure! The enemy would skew our perspectives to render us unable to see the accomplishments in our lives while highlighting our failures and missed opportunities. During such battles of spiritual warfare, we can feel like all future attempts at trying to make something of ourselves is futile. Let us take on God’s perspective in this matter. I… Read MoreYou Are Not a Failure

Work for God

What am I doing with my life? What is my purpose? How do I accomplish it? These questions can surface when we lay down to sleep, are awakened during the night, or in the early morning hours when all is quiet. Are we living the lives God created us to live? Living on purpose is not about accomplishing a specific task or building a legacy… Read MoreWork for God

Recalling Times Past

During certain holiday seasons, some hearts swell with joy and others with worry by remembering times past. For those who wrestle with the idea that the best days have gone and the now is bitter, do not fret or dread for the days to come are brighter than anything we could have experienced in the past when yopu are one with Jesus Christ. Call upon… Read MoreRecalling Times Past

Best Life Lived

The voices causing doubt and despair are from the enemy. You look at another and compare your life and wonder, “What if I had made this or that choice years ago? Is this my best life lived?” My love, you have offered your steps to Me and I direct them faithfully. Do not let the momentary circumstances weigh down your heart. When you offer your… Read MoreBest Life Lived

Your Perfection

Beloved you have at last learned this valuable lesson. You are surprised for you think back to so many times when you have not walked in it in perfection. I am your perfection, yours is only to offer your will. You come to Me asking what the next steps are in your walk. I have led you step by step, I have protected you even… Read MoreYour Perfection

Just Thee

While passing through a season of questioning if I am doing enough for God my answer to myself was that I’m falling short in every area – I don’t pray enough, study His word enough, worship enough, serve others enough, and the list goes on and on. It is a familiar sound – this voice of condemnation. This is an endless nagging that feeds my… Read MoreJust Thee

Yet I Can Resurrect

After a long time of laboring in my own understanding and hoping for a breakthrough in a particular area, I let go of what my interpretation of the circumstances and how I thought they should work out that would be justice in an unfair situation. I finally stopped toiling and fretting, turned on some worship music and began to repent, worship God, dance before Him,… Read MoreYet I Can Resurrect

I Am Your God

When we know not how to interpret a circumstance, when our hearts begin to lose courage, when we must hold overwhelming thoughts or feelings at bay ours is to proclaim His word, for it will not return to Him void. Find a passage that speaks to your Spirit, for His word is active and living, and repeat it out loud – meditate on it, let… Read MoreI Am Your God

Seemingly Futile Efforts

A succinct and timely word from the Lord to all those with weary hearts who are facing their Goliaths while being compassed about by the Holy Spirit. Do not give up, do not faint, for the Lord is with you. Follow His leading to the very detail and the enth of your strength.   Not one effort of what you created from the breath of… Read MoreSeemingly Futile Efforts

Childhood to Sonship

When God grows us from childhood we are transformed from glory to glory. He is the author and finisher of our faith. continue to seek Him and follow His promptings and He will make alive in you the beautiful transition from childhood to sonship. There are many notable differences. A child is a delight and a joy to watch as they grow and take mastery… Read MoreChildhood to Sonship

Mercy or Justice

 Rather than a word of justice, I give you a word of freedom to give life and strength to a weary heart. I change you with My kindness, not my justice. There will be a time when mercy is no more. Be found to give mercy upon mercy to others, for how easy it will go with you when you stand before Me. Fear not… Read MoreMercy or Justice

Best Version of Me

We have a picture in our minds of the best version of ourselves that we can imagine. We walk around with it and believe it is true until something happens and we have to come face-to-face with the fact that reality is in stark contrast to the image we hold in our minds. We strive for obtaining this – best version of ourselves – as… Read MoreBest Version of Me

The Point of Life

What is the point of our existence? To live and move and have our being in Him, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, who was and is and is to come. All else falls away – every striving, disappointment, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, fruitless or fruitful effort, success or failure, even our  conception of what we thought our lives should be. Everything blurs from view… Read MoreThe Point of Life

What I Am About to Do

Beloved, what I am about to do, I do quickly. This I advised the betrayer, when before I spoke this it was in My acceptance of the way I needed to trod, but now I speak these words to you in delight and with hope. With you I speak it as an invitation to paths of adventure we will skip along together, paths that grow… Read MoreWhat I Am About to Do

In the Hard Path

In our walk with the Lord, sometimes He moves us from one adventure to another and sometimes He keeps us in a place that we’d rather move away from. Our hearts cry out to Him, “God, free me from this hard place!” Yet our circumstance remains unchanged. We may even try to find our own way out but soon discover He has hemmed us in… Read MoreIn the Hard Path