Devotions and Words

Words of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding inspired by God.

Mighty oak enduring through the ages

Endurance & Faith

I discovered a sermon yesterday on YouTube from Feb 2020 by Lana Vawser entitled, “A New Level of Normal.” This is a refreshing perspective on what we all went through during 2020 and God’s life giving words of how we can look back on and forward to living live in His new normal – awakened, faith-filled, and unshakable. I watch this video over and over, as there is so much revelation that jumps out each time. I hope this blesses you.

yellow lab puppy sleeping soundly with soft paws resting on a blanket, dreaming of things to come.

You’re Not Used Up

I free you to pray more and more. I have not forgotten you, I have not altered your purpose for which I’ve called you. I move upon you to speak forth mysteries that are beyond man’s understanding. You are willing to see past the look of things and by faith speak forth My word to accomplish the purpose for which I sent it. You thought your purpose was thwarted and that you struggled in the darkness. But love, I have called you for much more.… 

Flower blooming out of a noisey environment of sticks, weeds, leaves into its destined beauty.

Refined to Bloom

A word of encouragement for those who feel pummeled by life. Be not discouraged, oh beloved of God, He is nigh unto thee and His purposes for your life will prevail as you cry to Him and commit Your way to the Lord. Just as a flower can grow and bloom out of a tumultuous environment of sticks, weeds, leaves, and other debris that would try to impede it from fulfilling its created purpose and destiny of beauty, so too the Lord strengthens you to… 

pine trees towering against a winter sky

Attentive to Our Cries

Oh Lord, we meditate on Your word, pray, and raise Your standard of righteousness as the truth by which we live. Psalm 34:1-22 I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their… 

two yellow lab puppies resting peacefully with their eyes closed and bodies relaxed.

Be Ye Settled

I made your frame. I know your sitting down and your rising up. I am aware of all of your thoughts. Fear not, for I Am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will guide you in all your ways. My love for you is unending. Draw near to Me and the enemy will flee from you. Let me hear the sound of praise coming from your spirit. Your unique sound, my love, I long/delight to hear. Think not on the matters… 

thick pine straw

God Reveals the Hidden

The Lord will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is stayed on Him. While working in the yard today, I discovered something about my hidden heart through a lesson from God’s creation. I had just pulled up a fence post and was about to fill in the hole when I noticed a clear taupe colored sack. I gently picked it up and discovered it was a gentle toad peacefully resting in the place he needed to settle for a season. (Just know, that little… 

field covered with brown grass tangeled up looking up to clear blue sky

I Bend Down to Hear

I Am, and all who call on Me I bend down to hear. Nothing is impossible with Me. Time is in My hands. What the world thinks is impossible I laugh at, for I make possible. I thwart the plans of the enemy to bring forth My purposes on this earth. You are not too far away that I cannot help you, I desire to help you. Lift your eyes to Me and see what I will do. The enemies plans will come to naught.… 

fall field with wild vegitation growing and the setting sun shining over it with beams of light.

Purpose of Prayer

The Bible instructs us that God’s will for us in Christ Jesus is to rejoice always, pray continually, and to give thanks in all circumstances (I Thessalonians 5:16-18). We are to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Colossians 4:2), for if we call on God and pray to Him, He will listen (Jeremiah 29:12). Let us not become weary in seeking God and offering prayers and thanksgivings unto Him, for this act of faith is not in vain. The Lord is near to… 

a tall, strong pecan tree with four large limbs filled with healthy leaves kissed by the setting sun.

At Ease and Unmoved

Be at ease, My child, let not the turmoil of the surrounding sea cause you anxiety. Cast all your cares upon Me, the One who sustains you, the One who makes your way, the One who called you out of darkness into My glorious light, the One who cares for you. Take not your opinions from those around you, let not your emotions be stirred by the look of the circumstance. Come and reason with Me of what is possible. I make the impossible come… 

fall leaves colored with organge and red on a tree looking up to the blue sky

Refreshed Through Fasting

All of my life I’ve struggled with food. Eating was a source of pleasure to celebrate, a source of comfort when sad or frustrated, or a source of entertainment when bored. For years and years I prayed to be set free from this burdened way of walking, I repented for the sin of gluttony time and time again. So many attempts I made in my own strength only to fail. I sought diets, deliverance, and counseling. Each time my freedom seemed to slip further and… 

laptop sitting on a wicker table overlooking an ocean of emarld and sand of white.

Unafraid of Days Ahead

How precious are your thoughts, Oh God, how vast is the sum of them. If we would count them, they are more than the sand (Psalm 139). While sitting before the Lord praying and worshiping, I received the following word of wisdom. I hope it brings you much hope and comfort. You look at keepsakes of those things dear to you in your life past – these treasures, accomplishments, memories. My love, you think that is all of life and how tight you must hold… 

Pine tree brach with twisted needles blocking out the radiant light of the sun.

Through the Chaos

When the chaos of the world seems overwhelming, we who are the children of God are to be unmoved by the look and sound of it all. When we go to Him in prayer we may eagerly long and somewhat expect to receive new revelations of what is to come or marching orders telling us what to do next. Our expectations can remain unmet, yet our hearts can be calmed, our spirit’s refreshed, and our faces shine with hope with a reminder of His faithfulness.… 

morning sun rising over a green field surrounding by spreading oak trees

Be Ye Refreshed

Come to Me, you who are weary and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. You feel overwhelmed at times and so you turn your heart numb to face the days. My love, this feeling is birthed from a lack of perspective. Were you to see what I was doing on your behalf, were you to see the whole truth of the matter, were You to see things from My perspective how… 

looking up toward blue sky past trees to the light of the son

Our Only Responsibility

I wanted to share the video below from Eric Gilmour via YouTube. This truly is concise and encouraging. Hope the message blesses your heart and shines light on your path.   

pinecone laying on a trail of pine needles

Just Follow God

Prayer: Your word gives me understanding, Oh God. You have called me to Yourself, to deny myself and follow Thee. You enlarge my perspective to see each day of my life as a longer plan reaching throughout eternity. Life is not for what I can gain or do or become, it is about walking with You and living and moving and having my being in You. It is to be found faithful at the end of my days doing exactly what You would have me do,… 

Calm ocean set against blue sky

What Should I Do

I became distracted by the noises of the now from people of all walks of life. I heard messages on the state of the world and even proclamations of days to come that made me shake with fear. I felt overwhelmed and thought, “What can I do? How could good prevail in the face of such uncertainty?” After inquiring of the Lord, he replied with so simple a command that brought peace to my heart, clarity to my mind, and hope for days to come:… 

waterfall with rainbow

Rebuild the Walls

Following is a video on YouTube by Christy Johnston which is a powerful word from the Lord over the USA of revelation and hope. Oh beloved children of God who are called by His name and those who will be, take heart and put your hope in God through Jesus Christ.    

purple flowers bursting forth in a meadow of pines and scrub grass

Season of Awakening

This has been a time of awakening, sober reflection, and seeking God with all of our hearts. God’s people are praying and beseeching His presence in their lives and intervention to bring forth His will on earth as it is in Heaven. God is good and every good thing comes down from the Father of Heavenly lights. The works of the enemy is to kill, steal, and destroy. Lord Jesus, bring forth light in this dark season and draw all mankind unto You. Following is… 

tall oak trees in a field spreading their leaves in worship to God

Confident Expectation

What would you have me do with you? Do I not use the simple things of this world to confound the wise. It is not that your workings will be simple, but that they are imparted by Me which makes the whole difference. None can move you, none can demean you, none can thwart you for this work is sanctioned by Me. I give you means, strength, and wisdom to stand in what I’ve placed in your heart to do. I give you the ability… 

long green grass in a field loking up toward the blue sky of hope.

Heal Our Land

Our standing in Jesus Christ makes us a child of the Most High. So we can stand before the Father and ask what we will, in Jesus name, and He will answer. Prayer: Lord, we repent, heal our land, change us into Your image. Pour out through all those called by Your name to give a word in season, to build up, to declare the ways straight, to walk in the greater works you said we would do with Holy Spirit living in us. Make… 

Purple floers on a green stem with many purple wild flowers behind it in a field.


When the darkness seems to rush in like a flood or a tide that cannot be turned back, wait upon the Lord. Lift your eyes unto the hills, from comes your help? Your help comes from the Maker of heaven and earth. Wait  upon Him not in fear or dread, but in perfect, unmovable faith. Wait upon Him not with words of doubt or proclamations that make the hearts of your fellow mankind melt like wax with fear and trembling. Rather proclaim the goodness of… 

two yellow labs smelling a meadow in the morning.

Be Refreshed

Do not let your hearts be troubled, for Jesus has overcome the world (John Chapters 14-16). What if days of blessing were ahead for those who were called according to His purpose? What if Jesus’ Body/Church were to change the course of the current situations we hear about? What if we weren’t to fear? What if we weren’t to dread? What if we began to pray and proclaim God’s refreshing to cover the earth in place of the despair that is running rampant? “Ask anything… 

beautiful white bunny with black ears sitting in the morning grass next to a bin of fresh dew covered hay.

I Am Near You

Prayer: I feel so far from You, so disconnected from my purpose in life. That is not the truth, even though I feel it. Even though it seems real. Proclamation: The truth is, You – Oh God – are my life, my breath, my strength. Without You I can do nothing. Without You there is no good thing. You are my very great reward. The tormenting lie that sounds so loud I am distracted says, “You are far from God.” But I counter every lie… 

Pink blooming shrub reaching high to the sky with a break in teh white clouds displaying clear blue.

I Call You Plentiful

The Holy Spirit prompted me to come away from the tasks of my day and take some time to focus upon His presence. I obeyed, worshiped Him, and prayed and after a time received the word below. The Lord always desires to pour out and impart, but I would have missed this had I chosen to stay busy. Five minutes before the Lord can change everything! You will lend and not borrow. You have chosen not effort but waiting in My presence, abiding in worship… 

Two yellow labs standing with their tails in the air focused on a fragrant smell on the ground, surrounded by a lush green field with a fence as a boundary shielding them from the noise of the road.

Live Without Noise

While waiting before the Lord, a strong desire surfaced from deep within to have no part of the noise of today, to work only in the niche that God has called me to and nothing else, to learn the technology He would have me use, to operate in the realm He has prepared for Me, with no additional angst. For such a time as this, I have made you. The deep utterance of desire comes from your spirit mingled with My spirit within you. You… 

green grass and shredded wood chips mingled together unoffended by the other..


Let us guard our hearts against offense. It is a flaming arrow of the enemy in this season. Our flesh can be offended by those around us even though their intentions are pure. The twisting of words can also cause offense. Stop it quickly and live at peace with all, walk in forgiveness, and build others up with words of encouragement. Love others deeply with the continuing debt to love. Jesus could have been offended by so much when He walked the earth on His… 

Looking up at a Palm Tree with the sun directly overhead shining through the palm top.

I Am Your Certainty

While spending time with the Lord, He poured out the following Word. Thank you, Jesus, that You always desire to speak to us. You are our refreshment. Thank you for those rivers of living waters that pour forth freely in limitless supply. You’ve said in your heart, “The Lord feels far from me. I am alone and undone. All of my sins are ever before me. Will I ever feel His presence again?” My love, do not react to feelings, but to My truth. Proclaim… 

flower among rough surroundings, blooming.

Lay it Aside

Get rid of the noise. Lay aside those things that so easily beset and live the life God created you to live. What are these distractions, hindrances, and strongholds? I name only a few, just let the Holy Spirit reveal to you those areas that you are to let go and go on with Him. Anything worldly ties or crutches that we depend on to give us peace, pleasure, or purpose. Recreational choices that are not of God, what we watch on television, fantasies we… 

Fragrance of His Presence

Rich blessings overflow with every encounter with You, oh Lord. The rarest treasures of life are found in Your truth. Nothing brings the soul such sweetness as seeking Your living words. We do not fear the days ahead for You are with us. There is more You desire to pour out and show other Your might, goodness, and beauty. Be one with Me and I will prompt you to do as unto Me. This is a place of the beloved. My beautiful one. It’s not… 

lab quickly running down a new path

Live a Different Way

After a time of worship, prayer, and communing with the Lord received the word for the Body of Christ. Take heart, beloveds, Jesus loves us beyond our understanding! Joy, delight, unshakeable faith I speak over you. Do not  fear what they fear, do not dread what they dread. You are mine, you have a new and living way to follow. Put your thoughts on Me, saith the Lord. Be about My business, seek first, seek FIRST My kingdom and My righteousness, and all these things…